Note that the tutorials are displayed in order of difficulty! (From beginner to experienced.)

Linux Shell or Command Line Interface – Getting Started

In this section we will post a number of tutorials where we take a look at how to use the Linux Shell or also so called Linux¬† Command Line Interface (CLI). The goal of this tutorial is to help you get started with the Linux command line and explain some things you need to know before you should start with the other tutorials. In short: this is the introduction tutorial! More »

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I/O Redirection – STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR streams

Unix and Linux treat data streams and peripherals device files as files. By default there are always three files open, stdin (keyboard), stdout (display) and stderr (error messages outputted on the screen). As with every open file, it is possible to redirected the three files. For instance you can redirect (capture) the output of a command, file, script and send it to another command, file or script as input. More »

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